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  • Do you own a 2003 - 2006 GM vehicle and have malfunctioning gauges and want to tackle the problem yourself? Well you found the right place! I sell motor kits to replace your stepper motors. A stepper motor is up for replacement if it is already old and fails to provide accurate gauge readings for fuel, speed, temperature, oil pressure, voltage, and shaft rotation. 7pcs X27. Had it out and back in in under an hour, and I’m a novice. The original XC5. This product is a great, environmentally-friendly alternative to buying a new instrument cluster. THIS AUCTION IS FOR 6 PC UPDATE STEPPER MOTOR, PART # X 27 168, free 11 Blue LED Backlights Comes with 11 PC High Quality, Blue LED cluster bulbs, Built-in Current Limiting Resistor, No need to add a external resistor. This certified engine rebuilder offers high performance and replacement Chevrolet / Chevy Silverado 1500 gas and diesel engines, marine engines and cylinder heads at discount A new redesigned version of the original OEM stepper motor is now available that will provide a permanent fix for all replaced units. When enabled yes the stepper will adjust speed of the engine to idle at 2800rpms or so. telescope accessories - replacement parts - dealers - price list - technical support ORDERING within the USA - ORDERING INTERNATIONAL - ORDERING CUSTOM PARTS OR UNLISTED PARTS - USERS - NEW FOR LOSMANDY MOUNTS, DOVETAIL SYSTEMS AND GEMINI SYSTEMS A stepper motor is a device that moves a predetermined amount per electrical signal it receives by whatever device is controlling it. Video of me taking apart a Chevy Silverado instrument panel. Search Results for Chevy Instrument Cluster, Silverado Parts The form below allows you to search for car, truck, motorcycle or boat parts in real time. Cars (US) » tahoe stepper motor. 168 by Juken, the only manufacturer trusted/used in new car production by Ford and GM, and also used exclusively by all authorized Delphi repair facilities. 03. speedometer repair gm used a number of bad stepper motors, from 2003-2007, that caused erratic operation of speedometer gauges. Speedometer in any quantity plus upgrades for your gauges. I think the GM stepper motor problem is well known for 2003-2006 GM clusters. Save on ACM Stepper Motor R2049383789ACM at Advance Auto Parts. I would like to make a completely new dash board, with all the gauges I would like. DO IT YOURSELF GAUGE REPAIR STARTER KIT It's easy If any of your gauge needles are sticking, shuttering, giving false readings or pegging out - defective factory steppers are the epidemic cause and this is your fix. 168. 168 faulty steppers commonly found in 2001 thru 2006 General Motors instrument clusters. 6x Gmc Chevy Cadillac Cluster Stepper Motors Switec Juken X27. Chevy silverado parts replacement, maintenance, repair , the chevy silverado is a full size pickup truck manufactured by the chevrolet division of general motors company this model was introduced in 1998, and it is still in production. COM is in no way affiliated with General Motors Corporation. Not a problem at all. 168 commonly found in 2001-2006 General Motors instrument clusters. The repair includes replacement of all stepper motors with new OEM components, resoldering of failed or likely to fail cold solder joints, repair of failed gear indicator and driver information center display, and the replacement of failed backlight lamps. Sayo Speedometers can help you if you're in need instrument cluster repair or speedometer repair. No more lost steps, whisper quiet motion, and increased machine throughput with 8-13x more power than similar size steppers. The common cause for all these issues is a faulty stepper motor (XC5. The motor was used throughout General Motor’s entire production line from 2003 to 2007. . All I can find are the ones that you solder in. have not yet installed them. was surprised to find them through walmart since I had trouble locating them. The same stepper motor drives all gauges in the intrument so it is best to replace them all. $97. Cost to replace cluster is about $350-$400 including labor. Installation is the reverse. 168 . 168 and X25. Step 2: Remove the plastic cover located in the door, opposite the side mirror. We Fix It Right or It's Free! 1-800-446-2880 My stepper motor for the Tach went out and when I took it to the mechanic I usually used for small stuff he said that it would cost about 650 and he would need to keep the vehicle for about 2 weeks to send the instrument cluster in for repair. stepper motor resets at Remove the retaining screw and remove the motor from the side of the carburetor. The NBS 03-06 SUV's were plagued by defective stepper motors in the instrument cluster. Synchronous to Stepper motors - posted in ATM, Optics and DIY Forum: Ok Its time to bring my old Byers 812 into the 1990s. 168, that will ensure years of flawless operation from all of the the gauges in your instrument cluster. Step by step fix from start to finish for you DIY guys and gals. xxx faulty steppers commonly found in all General Motors instrument clusters. 89. 168 Cluster Gm Motor 100x Speedometer Cluster X27. . I'm in need of a stepper motor, gauge overlay, and needle kit for my truck, as I'm going to try to add a transmission temp gauge to my existing gauge cluster. 168 and X15. A stepper motor isn't just a bolt in job. 98. 6x Gm Gmc Stepper Motor X27. 6 2003 - $14. The GM IAC has a pintle that extends or retracts into or out of an idle (bypass) air passage in a throttle body or intake manifold attached to the engine. COM is independent from GM and is not affiliated with, sponsored or supported by GM. 0 2002 cheyv 6000 engine misfires on # 1 and 3 why does replacement water pumps for 5. Chevy Gauge X25. 50pcs Gauge Stepper Motor X25. Chevy Silverado 2004, Remanufactured Engine Long Block by Replace®. THIS sale IS FOR THE UPDATE STEPPER MOTOR THAT GO BAD IN THE TRUCKS AND CARS LISTED BELOW, FROM 2003 TO 2006. Qty 1000 Gmc Stepper Motor Speedometer Cluster Replacement Repair Gauges X27168. There are tons of videos on how to replace them and you can buy kits that have the motors and instructions online. Stepper Motors outboard of mount. This Stepper Is an Update to the Inferior Gauge Motor that is installed in your original Cluster , We recommend you purchase and replace all the gauges motors this way they all match and will calibrate properly after Installation Price: $36. If you would like us only to replace the stepper motors and backlight bulbs please choose Basic The service writer told me GM had a TSB about failed cluster stepper motors and that was probably the issue; maybe he was taking the information in the GMT800 one and assuming the GMT360 one was the same thing ssdieselsupply. The speedometer Tachometer, and all the gauges use the same stepper motor and they have had tons of problems with them. Total replacement time was less than an hour. These are the latest updated Juken x27. OEM Switec Juken X27. The GM 2003-2007 GMT800 Trucks and 03-06 SUV's were plagued by defective stepper motors in the instrument cluster. GM's only solution for this is to replace the entire cluster at a cost upwards of $300 or more. Many Ford and GM OEM replacement motors are still available for cars and trucks in the 70's, 80's and 90's. Apply the parking brake to prevent the vehicle from moving. My fuel pump went out in July 2006, while on the road none the less, and it was replaced at a GM Chevy dealer. Gauges stepper (pointer) motor repair service for GM GM Stepper Motor - 171 results from brands Krator, Asi, Auto Meter, products like X27. Gmc Gm Gauge Instrument Cluster Repair Kit 6 Stepper Motor,tool,11 Bulbs X27 168. The number one problem is the stepper motors were all defective (C25-168), sticking or freezing up. Gm Speedo Stepper Chevy Gmc New Switec Cluster 100 Gauge X27168 Juken Motors Juken Cluster 100 New Gauge Gm Motors Speedo X27168 Stepper Switec Chevy Gmc 100 Chevy Gm 50 Avalanche Stepper Motor Speedometer Cluster Gauge Repair Kit Gm X27. Multi-case T350 Tranny Chevy, Pontiac, Buick, Olds 700r4 Replacement Elec Spe. Nationwide Instrument Cluster Repair and Speedometer Repair. Much thanks to Keven and David who provided great advice on this task as noted below. Beware of China knockoffs and imitations, they fail. 168 faulty steppers commonly found in 2001 thru 2006 General Motors instrument clusters Cluster Replacement Lens Gauge Stepper Motor Automotive Circuit Solutions 2003-2007 Chevy Silverado Avalanche Suburban Tahoe Instrument Gauge Cluster Repair The GM Instrument Cluster Settlement was a 2008 class action settlement awarded to owners of certain General Motors vehicles with allegedly defective speedometers. By energizing each phase in sequence, the motor will rotate, one step at a time. This repair requires you or your mechanic to remove your instrument cluster and ship it to us. Could someone post the instructions for removing the instrument cluster and replacing stepper motors, etc. We replace all of the stepper motors in your clusters with the newer and improved motors. All of our motors are genuine Juken / Switec OEM approved replacements. Replacing cluster with one that has the temp guage already. Feel free to give us a call at 773-998-2269 or toll-free number 800-PIXL-FIX should you have any questions or concerns. 00 6 Stepper Motor Speedometer Instrument Cluster Gauge Repair Kit +10 Free Bulbs Remanufacturing includes replacement of all stepper motors and burnt backlight bulbs, calibration and testing. we use the latest version stepper motor, the x27. 1,000 Gm . General Motors manufactures genuine OEM parts for its large fleet of vehicles. Anyway all the write ups I see show the needles already zeroed out so they can put tape down and mark where the needle was at. The Silverado dash trim comes off by simply pulling on it. LED kits, motors, bulbs & other cluster parts in Ebay Store We carry a large inventory of many 2003 and up GM instrument clusters parts including 12 volt LED’s, stepper motors, replacement lens covers, custom gauge faces, custom needles and much more. GMFLASH. Find Edelbrock GM Stepper IAC Motors with Gasket 36015 and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Automobile engines are a perfect balance of science and mechanical engineering. Lower the tilt steering column to get it out of the way. These devices receive a signal from the climate control panel and set the door to the desired position. Holley Replacement idle air control motor for Commander 950 and Pro-Jection systems Edelbrock Idle air control valve and gasket stepper motor for GM. Notice that there is only one way these motors fit in each location. A new redesigned version of the original OEM stepper motor is now available that will provide a permanent fix for all replaced units. 168 50 Avalanche - $125. Direct replacement for the older and faulty XC5168, X15168 and X25168 stepper motors that came in millions of GM vehicles produced from 2003-2006. 589. It's the same part and similar process on these F150s with this engine from 2004-2006. With this service we will; Rebuild motors, Replace back lighting, Re-work circuit board repairing faulty circuits, Repair dark/dim shift and OD display, Bench test, Calibrate, Clean inside and out. One controls Outside Air, one controls Heat/Defrost distribution, one controls amount of heated air going to Heat/Defrost and there are possibly more. 00can for new GM motors, so I removed all of the Bolts that hold the motor to the Bracket and I removed the Aluminum Block that holds the shaft in place but I cannot get the motor to move. Because of the different materials involved, there are many So i got my 6 new stepper motor in the mail the other day. Dorman Products - 10-0200F : Instrument Cluster Repair Kit. This may include: GM speedometers, fuel gauges, your oil pressure gauge, the tachometer, volt gauge, water temperature gauge and your GM transmission temperature gauge if you choose that option. 25xfor Gm 2003-2006 X27 168 Replace Xc5 168, X25 168 Gm Stepper Motor + 10 Bulb. x27. Ethanol wouldn't cause the actual stepper motor to fail (notice the quote marks) but as the sending unit is immersed in the fuel, ethanol can attack the metals in the sending unit, loosening parts making it move more freely. Its common knowledge GM truck clusters from 2003 to 2006 had issues with the stepper motors they used. 168). PLEASE HELP SUPPORT THIS MANS FAMILY BY ORDERING THESE PARTS from this link here drspeedometer. Each one is soldered onto the instrumental panel circuit board. Do it yourself Bri gives you great information on repairing this yourself. The cause is substandard stepper motors used in the instrument panel cluster (IPC) on 2003 to 2006 GM vehicles. I wonder if the stepper motors are different It would be interesting to get a 2001 van cluster and see what happens and if its built the same way as the GMT400's or more like the GMT800's. 168 Gm Stepper Motors Replacement For Cluster X25. Standard 2 Point Worm Gear Block Assembly. They have multiple coils that are organized in groups called "phases". GMC, Chevy instrument cluster stepper motor or power issue repair service or LED upgrade - you have found the right place. Tach stepper motor replacement info needed. Apparently, GM used a very bad batch of these "Stepper Motors" in a whole bunch of cars, not just the Cavalier. We're not limited to just electronic or mechanical speedometers, or any one specific range. 2000-05 2007,2008,2009 chevy equinox,pontaic torrent suzuki xl7 instrument cluster repair if any of the a plastic housing, an electric motor with connector and a gear-reduction system and, sometimes, a position sensor. Our instrument cluster repair kit restores proper functionality of the instrument clusters gauges and instrument lighting for optimal performance. So everything went alright with removing the cluster and removing the old motors. 50pcs Gauge - $94. Features include all new stepper motors as well as all new backlighting bulbs with holders and a longer, thicker filament unit for extended and more reliable service. ) 2. These stepper motors are a direct replacement for the XC5. Unfortunately the large round Ford motor to the left and the old black GM motor to the right are no longer available. Problem, I have is that I called some local dealers and they told me that they don't sell just the stepper motor. A stepper allows you to control the number of steps, though a Stepper motors are DC motors that move in discrete steps. a little more expensive but it is all good. Speedo Motors Cluster Gm New 100 Juken Stepper Gauge Gmc Switec X27168 Chevy Switec New Gauge X27168 Stepper Juken Chevy Motors Gm 100 Speedo Cluster Gmc 100 Chevy Gm 50 Avalanche Stepper Motor Speedometer Cluster Gauge Repair Kit Gm X27. We also have take out motors for 2008-2010 GM clusters and for Colorado/Canyon and H3 clusters. I replaced the stepper motors, speedometer works now, - Answered by a verified Chevy Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. We have GM motors with part number X27. GMC GM GAUGE instrument cluster REPAIR KIT 6 Stepper Motor,tool,11 bulbs x27 168 - $29. Some fail completely others will start reading wrong, like the tachometer might say 5000 rpm at idle. on ebay you can order the stepper motors and for all of them (7) was 46. - 99-02 Chevy GMC Cluster Display Repair & Complete Rebuild . We also have a full line of replacement dashboard, climate control, switch, and radio bulbs to compliment these motors. Roc GM Instrument Cluster Gauge Stepper Motor Repair Kit X27 168 Fits 03-06 GM Chevy Silverado Tahoe Yukon (8 Motors,40 Backlights,Soldering Iron & Stand,Solder Sucker,Removal Tool,Flux Rosin Core speedometer repair gm used a number of bad stepper motors, from 2003-2007, that caused erratic operation of speedometer gauges. We repair the known GM stepper motor issues and replace them with high quality updated replacement motors (X27. Our rebuild service is the easiest way to get back on the road and the ONLY ways to avoid a trip to the dealership. GM instrument stepper motors. Schneider Electric Motion USA is a manufacturer of motion control components for automation equipment. Brand new replacement stepper motor Application: Instrument Cluster / Dashboard For Buick first land,Regal,PARK AVENUE,FRAEN,Ford,Opel Metal shaft, Soldering needed, Original new Learn More I found the stepper motor on E-bay if you log into E-bay, and find auto parts, and then when a search window comes up, type in stepper motors, it will take you to many sites all of which has stepper motors. Cars & Trucks Motorcycles Other Vehicles & Trailers Boats Powersports Parts & Accessories Automotive Tools X27 168 GM stepper motors is for the repair of ALL 03-06 GM/Chevrolet Silverado, Sierra, Suburban, replacement, maintenance, repair chevy/ chevrolet impala 6 GM INSTRUMENT CLUSTER STEPPER MOTORS X27-168. 589 Repair Speedometer Odometer Tachometer. Cluster removal. Replace all Stepper Motors in the Instrument Cluster no matter the condition with new redesigned 4 gear motors. These are often used in gauges for motorcycles and cars to replace the old-style fully-analog type. To replace the stepper motor, the instrument panel will have to be removed. THIS sale IS FOR 1 set of 6 motors,UPDATE STEPPER MOTOR, PART # X 25 168 THAT GO BAD IN THE TRUCKS AND CARS LISTED BELOW, FROM 2003 TO 2006. 5 diesel motors that I intend to fit into the boat but considering the boat was a petrol boat before, I need to change a lot of stuff. 168 Juken Switec Gm Stepper Motors For Speedo Cluster Gauge Repairs 100 Qty. one year warranty or 12000 miles The 03, 04, and 05 GM speedometer gauges have a high fail rate. Replacement mirror motor Step 1: Before getting started, put on some protective gloves to ensure that you don't get any cuts during your DIY job. ClearPath-SD series servo systems are a perfect drop-in replacement for your stepper system. The 03-05 stepper motors are cheap because they ALWAYS went bad but I think they're different. The Cost for the Stepper Motors is minimal compared to the labor to gain access to them. Anyone know where I can get a replacement fuel gauge stepper motor for a 2002 Blazer. The majority of General Motors vehicle models from 2003 to 2006, and a few others, have the same motors in their instrument panels. See how to repair common GM, Chevy, GMC, Buick, Hummer, Speedo, fuel etc gauges problems. Warranty is for the stepper motor issue and lasts up to the 70,000 miles or 7 years, the symptoms here where all guages and lights either work or don't work looks like a connection issue. In 2007 a revised stepper motor was introduced, but millions of vehicles still have the old style. full rebuild replace all stepper motors and all lights. So I went ahead and paid the almost $800. The motors in mine are not x27 168, but a round metal casing covering upper winding's with four long pins to plug in or out( no soldering). If you notice your truck rides rough, you may need new shocks , struts, or other suspension parts. These 03-06 Avalanches are bad about this kind of problem, it's usually caused by failing stepper motors inside the instrument cluster. Maybe the VSS and Coil pulse 500 Stepper Motors Chevy Gm Speedo Cluster Gauge Mr1108 Mr1109 X27168 Mcr New Qty 1000 - $1,799. GM Stepper Motor Repairs and Speedometer Recall GM ( General Motors ) produced about 4 million vehicles form 2003 to 2007 with faulty instrument clusters in cars, trucks and SUVs. 168 Gm 100x Stepper Instrument Motor 100x Stepper Motor Gm Chevy Repair Speedometer Odometer Tachometer Fuel Gauge 100x Stepper Re: Generac 10000 EXL stepper motor It should keep the engine at 3600rpms and 60hz no matter the load, though I expect a slight droop, at the very lowest 58hz with a load on it. Remanufactured using new replacement components for reliable performance, the Dorman instrument cluster includes new stepper motors, backlighting bulbs with holders, and a longer, thicker filament unit for extended lifespan. 168 stepper motors available along with high quality factory replacement bulbs. Stepper motors are used in most computer-controlled gauges, but I don't think they were used in 1984. These X27 168s have been redesigned for maximum reliability and quiet operation. The other stepper motors would be very similar. OEM Chevrolet parts are exact fit replacement parts built to meet factory specifications for performance. Don't settle for a copy, get GM OEM quality at an affordable price. Repair of stepper motors on a GM Speedometer. I found a guy in Winona, MN selling the motors for $4 each so I ordered 6 - one for each of the gauges in my cluster - since all 6 use the same motor. 168 Replacement. 168, X15. Instead of purchasing aftermarket parts, exact GM replacement parts can be found at any GM vehicle dealership. Or at least a replacement motor for the odometer, so I will know to fill up around 200ish miles? I read through the post in this section and I didn't see where anyone had fixed their cluster. GM Stepper Motor Repair Sarnia Speedometer has been repairing the problematic GM speedometers for over 2 years. 7x Gm Instrument Speedometer Cluster Stepper Motors X27-168 X15. You as a responsible driver cannot ignore the need for meter reading accuracy, so here are some pointers to keep in mind when shopping for a new stepper motor. New fuel pump, filter (less than 6 months old) so don't think they are bad. got stepper motors fast and seem to be the right ones for my buick. 168 Speedometer Cluster Repair Kit 11 Blue Led Tools. For those with a technical bent, this includes the GMT800, K20, GM360, and GMX380 platforms. It was time to replace all of the stepper motors and at this price it was an easy decision. Cross Reference for GM stepper Motors = Cross Reference: X27 168, X27-168, X27168, X25 168, xc5 168, x15 168, x25-168, xc5. 168 Replacement 6 Stepper - $21. 6-gauge clusters take 8 bulbs, 7-gauge clusters take 9 bulbs, 11 bulbs will be enough Please help, before to replace my rpm stepper motor (it wasn’t working) my indicator lights haven been working neither, only check engine and battery light works, after I replace the stepper motor my rpm still doesn’t work and the indicator lights neither, I am pretty sure the stepper motors is fine, what else could be? Just did the full stepper motor replacement to my 2004 GMC Sierra 1500 cluster. Dr. No subsidary of GM shall bear any responsibility for GMFLASH. Filthy Rich teaches you how to replace the stepper motor in a GM vehicle, as well as how to replace your faded dashboard lights with LED lights! (Also applies to the following) **Includes replacement of all stepper motors, back lighting bulbs, re-flow motherboard, and complete corrosion cleaning and protection. We can source and supply Discounted Car Vauxhall Zafira Stepper Motor Part I inherited two GM 6. Our GM repair service is being provided as an Expedited Mail In Service. 500 X27-168 Gmc Chevrolet Chevy Pontiac Buick Instrument Stepper Motor X127 168. WE WILL REPLACE ALL BULBS 50pcs New For Gm Gmc Stepper Motor X27. ? Stepper Motor Repair Service for GM Chevy instrument clusters. Most later model GM vehicles had recalls with the stepper motors in the instrument clusters. xxx and X25. COM content, comments, or advertising. Be careful not to drop the metering pins or the spring when removing the motor. 2003-2006 gm cluster repair,2004-2008 ford f150 odometer cluster repair,2006 dodge tach gauge repair,1999-2002 chevy,gmc odometer / gear indicator dim or dead, I have ordered air induction kit, FSD/PMD kit, code reader, and vacuum pump and nothing but the best results. Find GMC Standard Motor Idle Air Control (IAC) Valves and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Standard Motor Products replacement idle air control valves help you get maximum fuel efficiency and powe Do you own a 2003 - 2006 GM vehicle and have malfunctioning gauges and want to tackle the problem yourself? Well you found the right place! I sell motor kits to replace your stepper motors. With the rise in demand for a better product, MCR USA™ was formed to cater the needs of the North American Market. 168 Juken Stepper Motors New Generation for GM Inst Cluster Repairs 250 qty, 6Pcs GM Stepper Motor Cars Speedometer Cluster Set With 11 Blue LED Backlights, Bendix Brake Shoes, #627 all gm vehicles from 2003 - 2006 (same day repair) If you choose to have your instrument cluster rebuilt by us you will get ALL gauges rebuilt using updated parts, (not just the one that has failed) replacement of all back lighting, odometer and shift indicator will be restored. Search Results for Instrument Cluster 2003 Chevy Silverado Parts The form below allows you to search for car, truck, motorcycle or boat parts in real time. 12,000-mile warranty on the last replacement expired, I did just that - but not with another GM vehicle. I have a dead gas gauge on my truck & have been agonizing over the thought of having to solder/unsolder the stepper motor. The tech support from Walt is excellent - many $$ saved and better info than the dealer. Step 6: Take a new stepper motor and install it onto the PCB. X27. Most of these which require constant speed use stepper motors or a DC gear motor, and you’ll need a way to determine the end has been reached. 168 Stepper Motors are prone to failure and must ALL be replaced. These are controlled by a microprocessor on the circuit board and are the style of gauges seen in modern cars. Stepper motor is going out for my fuel gauge (2000 GMC 3500). These instrument clusters had defective stepper motors that cause the speedometer intermittently to act sticky and hang up at certain speeds. The company is a proven leader in innovative motion control solutions for stepper motors and electronic controls, and the world leader in integrated motor drives with the MDrive® product line. In this video, we're going to show you how to replace the throttle body motor on this 2005 Ford F150 with the 4. com has a stepper motor avalible for around $160. Anyone replace the stepper motor for the speedometer? Looked in the DIY thread and didn't see anything. It's a twist-out type not the soldered units. AUDEW Replacement x27. We stock conversion gauge faces, direct replacement needles, lenses, stepper motors, and light bulbs / LED’s. It's the stepper motor behind the instrument cluster, GM had a lot of problems with that. There are many videos on line available showing how to first remove the cluster, disassemble the cluster, and replace the stepper motors and peanut bulbs soldered to the PCB. 168) for continued worry and trouble free operation. A lawsuit was just settled with GM regarding the cluster stepper motors. 99 For GM STEPPER MOTOR REPAIR KIT – Set of 6 Genuine Switec OEM GM Stepper Motors, part number x27. Stepper Motors. You have to desolder the old one and solder in the new one. Price: $10. Replacement Stepper Motors - Available from Dr. Only re programming for tire or gear change. 00 shipped to me. the driver IC chips convert that to a solid state DC voltage to move the gauge motors. 168 Stepper Motor Speedometer Repair Cluster Instrument For GM Chevy Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Write a review This button opens a dialog that displays additional images for this product with the option to zoom in or out. This item has been shown 1 times. If you know how to solder , you can get a new updated motor for about 12. It's pretty easy . Dealerships want $400-$700 to replace the whole cluster, but you can replace just the motor for around $10. 7pcs Undate - $18. I just received my check yesterday for $100. We use only original OEM stepper motors. -Seven (7) new stepper motors to repair up to 7 malfunctioning gauges. INSTRUMENT CLUSTER Upgrade With US SPEEDO Gauge Faces Programmed to your VIN with the latest software from GM PLUG AND PLAY! All New Stepper Motors All New Gauge Repair and Restoration for Antique, Hot Rod and Classic Vehicles Bob's Speedometer has been in business since 1929 - for over 85 years, and is one of the world's leading gauge restoration and repair shops! The bulb removal/replacement was a bit hairy, as I had to slightly bend the leads of the LCD readout to remove the bulb, but the dash disassembly, cluster removal, and motor replacement were a breeze thanks to your instructions. Replacement requires de-soldering of the faulty stepper motors for removal and soldering in of the new X27. 168 stepper motors. 168 Speedometer Gauge Repair Kit Cluster. 168 (not aftermarket black type). IAC connector is flat and meant for use with later model style control valves. I had the dealer replace mine about a year ago. A short video showing you how to replace and repair your Chevy / GM instrument cluster, speedometer gauge, stepper motor. Give your car an upgrade! 500 Stepper Motors Chevy Gm Speedo Cluster Gauge Mr1108 Mr1109 X27168 Mcr New Qty 1000 - $1,799. 1,000 Gm Stepper Motor Speedometer Cluster Gauge Repair Kit Gmc X27. Doing the above process (installing stepper motor in hole, getting new guage overlay, adding needle. 168 THINKING X27 168 is the latest and greatest will see some with lifetime warranty which means nothing but I did see that the solid black stepper went down to minus 40 I will probably go with the black ones. Our rebuild service includes all new backlighting, new stepper motors behind each gauge, and several upgrades to protect the odometer and gear level indicator (PRNDL) from fading or becoming dim. Each part is designed to interact with the other in perfect harmony to produce a means of transportation. 00 Qty 1000 Gmc Stepper Motor Speedometer Cluster Replacement Repair Gauges X27168 Watch the simple replacement of a speedometer stepper motor from the instrument cluster in a 2003 Suburban. $829. Home > Stepper motor repair service > GM Stepper motor repair service GM Stepper motor repair service There is 1 product. GM stepper motor X27-168 is for use in many GM gauge clusters from 2000 - 2006. Fast shipping on Miller Welding Machine Repair Parts and welding supplies from Weldfabulous. Our durable MR1100 Series Stepper Motors are designed for New Production and the Repair Industry. Over time the defective parts, called stepper motors, will wear out causing erratic movement of the gauges including the speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, oil pressure gauge, water temp gauge, volt gauge and the optional transmission temperature gauge. buddymanzpop , Jul 3, 2011 Prospeedo Charges $10 USD to replace each burnt out light bulb and $50 USD for every new Stepper motor we use on your circuit board. We offer a large inventory of affordable NEW Genuine GM parts ready for fast shipping. Ninetonine GM Stepper Motor Repair Kit – X27 168 – (6 motor kit + 10pcs Bulbs) Fits All 03-06 Chevy Silverados, Tahoes, Yukons, Suburbans $ 24. A direct replacement for the XC. This listing is for the purchase of (1qty) Brand New Pointer / Stepper Motors for your General Motors, Pontiac and Cadillac Instrument Cluster. For best results, please be specific and be patient. These units are factory mounted on PITTMAN dc motors and aligned to the motor’s electrical properties which allows “drop-in” replacement capability without the need to “initialize” each new motor. US Speedo© also carries a full line of replacement components at a much more reasonable price than any dealer. Replacement of GM Stepper Motors GM stepper motors are soldered into place directly onto the circuit board. Each gauge has a motor that controls it's needle movement and when the motor goes out the gauge will either stick, jump around or die all together. 168 Stepper Instrument X27. This ensures an exact replacement, and in some cases a better one, of the same part a vehicle was equipped with when it left the factory floor. The X27 version has greater torque and less operational noise than the previous motor revisions. These motors are common repairs to many GM instrument clusters in models from 2000-2006. There are more than one Stepper Motor within the Plenum. Some models were repaired by GM through a class action law suit while others were left fitting the bill Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Spartan Autoworx, LLC can professionally repair GM Truck and SUV Speedometers for the 1999-2006-2007 classic GMT-800 models. 00 Stepper motor for Ford Mustang Vehicles Instrument Cluster ,Gauges, Speedometer,Fuel Gauge . 88. 88 00 to 05 gm sil/gmc cluster gm stepper motor 1ea Replacement Stepper Motor 00 - 05 Chevy Silverado, Tahoe, Avalanche, Suburban, GMC Sierra & Yukon, Some of the GMC Denali use 7ea Cheap Vauxhall Zafira Car Stepper Motor and Original Stepper Motor Parts Search and Find Vauxhall Zafira Stepper Motor Spares and Replacement Parts through our network of Car Breakers, Car Dismantlers, & Scrap Yards. 168 and ford mustang motors X27. If you have stepper motor problems such as pegged, sticky, or non functioning gauges, we are going to replace all of the stepper motors. Stepper Motor for all DS4 electronic Injection Pumps 94+, all model vehicles, turbo and non-turbo. GMC STEPPER MOTOR . Sometime in the late 90s General Motors decided that they would control their temperature and mode door operation with an electric stepper motor. The stepper motor is a patented stepping motor design, which has a 4 gears design construction in order to guarantee high efficiency, high position accuracy and a robust gear system. 168 Chevy Speedometer Gauge X25. We provide quality, and fast speedometer repairs to individuals, vehicle repair shops, and car dealerships across Canada. We service most brands and types of speedometers for all makes, models & years. Today i decided to do the job. 1-866-262-5531. 00 Qty 1000 Gmc Stepper Motor Speedometer Cluster Replacement Repair Gauges X27168 Custom and reliable instrument cluster repair for GM vehicles. IF all NBS '99-'02 GM trucks have motors like the ones in the video, I'll be tackling this sooner than later. This is also the procedure for stepper motor replacement if you have a guage that isn't working correctly. If equipped with an automatic transmission, move the shift lever all the way down to last gear (this will allow you room to remove the bezel). Common symptoms of motor failure are: Dead or sticky gauges, Gauges giving obviously wrong readings, Needles "pegging out" or showing maximum readings, Intermittent operation of gauges and Speedometer that read roughly half or even double the actual vehicle speed. (not for use with mechanical injection pumps) The Stepper Motor is what controls injection timing based on what the computer (ECM) is set to, and telling it to do. and we also have 1 x27 589 motors in stock as well,blue or red led kits,brand new lens cover for 2003-2013 chevy gmc,some ford needles for mustang and ford f150. This stepper motor is a little different than the large NEMA-17 types you may be used to. If you're wanting to repair your own cluster, we sell just the stepper motors. Services offered on 2003-2006-2007 classic models. *** Why - Because the orginal gauge motors are known to be faulty and will fail over time. we sell stepper motors for x27 168 from one to 100 . Lift Supports – The lift supports help give you a smooth ride when on rough surfaces. We are now offering a $200 USD Special which includes all defective Stepper motors replaced as well as any burnt out illumination bulbs. Avalanche Speedometer Repair Replacing the stepper motors on my 2005 Avalanche 2500. The settlement allows the owner or lessee to get their instrument cluster replaced under the terms of a special coverage adjustment to their factory standard warranty . ***Includes full electrical upgrades, repairs power loss concerns, and dim or blank odometer displays. Check and make sure there is no connection problems with the terminals at the stepper motor, or there is no wires broken or chaffing under the intake manifold. However, maybe there is one that drives the odometer. Heater blowes cold air sometimes and sometimes it blows hot 05 Chevy hd 6. Im still using the old 1/2 rpm 115V Hurst synchronous motors, but they (and especially my modified AccuTrak phase chopper controller) are getting notoriously hard to find. Installation is quick and convenient- no scan tool necessary. com If the link doesn't work, you can google gm replacement motors or Ebay it Example speedometer is from a my 04 Impala. This item has been shown 0 times. The new motor Mary Falzone: (2003Malibu) I saw your video on stepper motor replacement, found it very helpful although I'm finding it difficult to find the proper motor. 30-3805-07 GM Stepper Idle Control Adapter Harness Adapter harness that mates GM stepper idle control valve to 30-3805 Core Harness. Part Number G11 S - G11 Mount with Digital Control 492 System. GMT Chevy Malibu Parts | Replacement, Maintenance, Blazer is the smallest full-size SUV model of the General Motors truck gm chevrolet silverado stepper motor 6 GM GMC stepper motor speedometer gauge repair kit instrument cluster +10 bulbs Vintage INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER IHC IH TRUCK Pickup Metro HUBCAPS 3″ Front Leveling lift kit for 2007-2018 Chevy Silverado GMC Sierra GM 1500 At Dallas Fort Worth Instrument Cluster We fix 2003-2006 GM Instrument Clusters,Speedometers,Tachometers, and Gauges. Any labor costs will be the responsibility of the vehicle owner. 30w And 40w And 60w Replacement Tips Heads For Solder Soldering Iron Gun Repair Tool. Unbelievable prices on Phantom Stepper Motor! Featuring our quality group of phantom stepper motor available for purchase here online! The stepper motors are responsible for turning all of the gauge needles. 99. 168, These stepper motors are a direct replacement for the XC5. Instrument Cluster by Dorman®. tahoe stepper motor. These Are Updated Generation 5 Version Stepper motors X27. So I plan on changing the stepper motors on my gauge cluster because it is tons cheaper than sending it off. Contact us for the best services at great prices. 6 Pc Stepper Motors And 9pc Led Upgraded Replacement Mcr Upgrade Hummer Tahoe . A known item, the stepper motor, can wear out and perpetuate erratic shifting of the gauges. Most 2003 to 2006 GM cars and trucks have a known problem with their speedometer and gauges. 168 + 10 White Bulbs. I located some Speedometer Repair services on Ebay that offered their services for $90 and up. If your vehicle is between 70,001 miles (110,001 km) and 80,000 miles (130,000 km) of the date it was first placed in service, GM must replace the instrument panel (parts) for free. 00 X27 168 GM Stepper Motor Repair Kit for Instrument Cluster Gauge, Fits 03,04,05,06 GM Chevy Silverado Trailblazer Chevrolet Tahoe Yukon etc(7 Motors,30 Led Light Bulbs,Soldering Iron,Solder Sucker,Remove Tool,Flux Rosin Core Solder) by Ruisome How To: Stepper Motors Repair / Replace I just switched out the stepper motors in my 03 and thought i would share how to complete the project. Anyway I found one posting mentioning the stepper motor problem and that you can buy the GM replacement motors on eBay and replace them yourself. CHEVY Equinox 1990 – 2007 Gauge Cluster Repair WE WILL REPLACE THE FAULTY GM STEPPER MOTORS WITH NEW UPGRADED X-27 STEPPER MOTORS. They were not aware of the fact that many Avalanches and other gm suvs have identical problems (usually a bad stepper motor in the instrument cluster). 6-liter V8 engine. Calibrated Repair, GM Instrument panel repair, instrument cluster repair, GM speedometer repair, chevy speedometer repair, speedometer repair MN, WI, SD, ND, IA How to Replace Gauge Cluster Stepper Motor If the needles in your gauge cluster flutter, stick, or stop working you may have a bad stepper motor. 00 and solder it on. Genuine GM parts online. Any help in locating this type would be helpful. ; 1 Set of 6 Qty. 25x For Gm Chevy Isuzu Buick Gauge Speedometer Stepper Motor X27. There is a smaller oval hole and large round hole, make sure you have the motor orientated correctly, then push motor into position. I will replace all of you stepper motors (gauge motors) working or not working with the new improved X27 168 stepper motors and I will replace all of your backlight bulbs working or not working with new 40,000 hour bulbs. If your engine is worn out, don’t just get a rebuilt engine, get one that’s better than new. Digital Stepper Motor The digital stepper motor version of gauges provides the highest possible levels of accuracy, precision, response, and durability. 168 replacement steppers. 2004 Silverado 1500 My tachometer and speedometer quit working. We are a distributor for Switec stepper motors. 3 engine not have a weep hole GM had a bad run of them from about 2003-2006. Miller 240960 Motor, Stepper With Leads Connector. Buy online, pick up in-store in 30 minutes