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  • supplier to the motor/ manufacturing industry. 9 TDI VW Group Vehicles with 5 Speed Gearboxes, Here at Darkside Developments we only own and work with TDIs, so you can be assured that you are dealing with experts who have an in depth knowledge and understanding of all things VW Diesel. RockAuto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers' doors worldwide, all at warehouse prices. Topics like "Please help", "Advice needed", "Info please" or any other uninformative topics that doesn't reflect what the post is about will be deleted without warning. I don't know much about the exedy clutch, but considering how much cheaper it is I would imagine it would be quite popular if it could withstand the same abuse. Also I found this interesting, apparently LuK Pro Gold series is the clutch they're using for the $50,000+ LS2 V8 Solstice/Sky conversion, which is a 400-hp car: NUMERO. for 1 bolt is N90725501. The same statement applies if vehicle is equipped with a LUK clutch plate, pressure plate and flywheel. A clutch kit comes with it a clutch disc or a clutch friction disc and clutch pressure plate, although some clutch kits have pilot bushings or pilot bearings. Volkswagen Jetta Standard Transmission 2012, RepSet™ Clutch Kit by LuK®. Designed and engineered to perfectly match the vehicle’s unique performance characteristics, every LuK RepSet™ is tested and Top brands including LUK, Sachs and Valeo Clutch Kits. Interestingly, the actual operation exactly matches that predicted for the Sachs clutch using the measured release force and displacement with the and the graphs in the Clutch Release Calculations note. Clutch Jack. Mechanics help! - posted in Clutch and Gearbox: Following on from a recent post, I had my car inspected by a VW dealership and have had the flywheel/clutch diagnosed as faulty. as the title says. The have a branch in Pta West and their HO is in Edenvale. It is being overnighted to me, since as of this morning I have had to shut the engine off twice in order to get out of gear. 25 AMS AUTOMOTIVE Part # Find great deals on eBay for m3 clutch sachs. luk clutch kit LuK provides products, systems and components for the automobile industry. The clutch features a slight increase in pedal pressure, smooth/linear engagement, high resistance to heat, and the longest wear life on any clutch in our lineup. Her clutch works fine, a bit of a low engagement, but no slipping etc. You should also replace the clutch release fork and the master/slave cylinders at the same time for added insurance. Luk clutch kit warning The throw-out bearing was out of spec, and vibrated. The bottom line is Both QST and DIALYNX recommend Sachs Clutches No ifs ,No buts. Skip navigation 2012 - SPEC vs SACHS vs BECK-ARNLEY Clutch Kit Comparison Faulty new luk dual mass and clutch only done 200 miles RE: Sachs VS LUK VS Valeo The origanal clutch in a BMW is a LUK clutch its there OEM brand. 8T 99. The LuK RepSet family includes the traditional LuK RepSet, the LuK RepSet Pro (which adds a CSC), RepSet DMF and RepSet 2CT (for vehicles equipped with a twin clutch). $455. Easy to use parts catalog. We offer brands including: LUK, Sachs, Exedy, Valeo, Beck Arnley, Centerforce & Genuine. LUK is a good brand, produce quality clutch kits. Having Ford PowerStroke Diesel clutch problems we can help you solve the problems or maybe you just want to replace dual mass flywheel, update to solid flywheel or horsepower torque ratings. thats not bad considering its £565 from LMF !!! thats pick up and delivery service too !!! it can handle 300BHP too. Now the OEM are made by Luk and Sachs. Voi fi nevoit in curand sa schimb kit-ul de ambreiaj. Welcome to Australian Clutch Services. Still bites nice and hard. Car: 1988 5. Had one fitted on my 156 v6 no issues. Bolts can be obtained from franchised dealer. For 2 Pc Clutch Kit which Fits Sachs Flywheel refer to Part No. 9 TDI 5 & 6 Speed Vehicles, Here at Darkside Developments we only own and work with TDIs, so you can be assured that you are dealing with experts who have an in depth knowledge and understanding of all things VW Diesel. there are a few threads about LUK and Sachs giving problems. I increased the pedal motion some by moving the slave cylinder push rod to the lower hole on the operating shaft arm. truegearhead LuK clutch kits LuK is an internationally recognized manufacturer of high performance clutch and transmission systems. No problems here Ceramic clutches can absorb more heat than organic ones, thus making them better suited to high performance applications. Which Performance Clutch is right for my truck? HP is not the only thing to consider when choosing a clutch; tire size, ring and pinion ratio, driving habits, and truck use also play a big factor in clutch selection. SACHS, the traditional German brand, offers high-quality, state-of-the-art clutches, shocks and dampers. The Mini Twin assemblies are available in different clutch disc and flywheel materials, clamp loads, disc configurations and diameters which are recommended based on the type of usage the vehicle demands. Anybody have advice/experience on which one is better? EXEDY Globalparts Corporation (USA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the EXEDY Corporation of Japan. Reason for this is simply the cost. Bought a DMF, clutch kit, CSC and new flywheel bolts for £302 with next day delivery a few weeks back, for my 2. This^^, i wouldnt recommend a recon clutch kit to anyone, unless you are not keeping the car and just selling it on. 5. 00. The above is a 2 Pc Clutch Kit which Fits LUK Flywheel. There is no need to spend over $1,000. Find CHEVROLET CORVETTE Z06 Clutch Kits and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! LuK clutch systems and torsional dampers Key elements for tion, since the torque converter clutch had to be open at low engine speeds for comfort reasons. When doing a clutch job, it's always a good idea to replace the rear end seal on the engine at the same time and also replace the throw-out bearing, flywheel bolts and pilot bearing. The adjacent photo shows a Sachs pressure plate after less than 5,000 miles service. of commonly worn parts. I recall that someone here bought a LUK flywheel from ECP and when it arrived it was a Sachs part in a LUK box (or vice versa), so he phoned the manufacturer and was told that when LUK or Sachs are short of stock in the UK they will use each others' stock. LUK vs Sachs - 4btswaps. This is a direct replacement for the OE Sachs or LUK Flywheel found on the earlier (1998-2004 ) 1. When a clutch is changed, it is important to test the free play in the arc springs that are within the DMF. no matter what you pick don't pick the cheapest kit. E. Am un Citroen C4 Coupe 1. LuK clutch kits LuK is an internationally recognized manufacturer of high performance clutch and transmission systems. New products are ISO 9002 and QS 9000 certified conforming to strict international quality standard. 00 for a nice performance clutch kit as opposed to 450-750 The LuK RepSet is the industry’s most recognized and trusted clutch brand, covering 98% of North America’s light vehicle population. LUK vs SACHS system. Includes Beetle, Thing, Bus, Ghia, Buggy, & Sandrail. The Centerforce Dual Friction clutch offers a mixture between both a racing clutch and a good street clutch in one package. 2014. Use it on the street and take it to the drag strip on a Saturday night. 29 Luk Clutch And Sachs Dmf With Csc For Renault Laguna Sport Tourer Estate LuK took note of the longer shift times of the heavy 13" cast iron clutch and subsequently designed a less expensive 12-¼” stamped steel clutch that bolts to the existing flywheel without modifications and achieves identical torque (450lb-ft. If you are looking for the best quality OEM clutch kit at the lowest price possible, this is where you can get the best named (LuK, Sachs, Valeo) quality clutch kit at below wholesale price. Concept 10. all three clutch components and related parts; TRF will replace this clutch with any brand you choose if it fails within eighteen months. When you install a LuK RepSet, you get a replacement set with the same flawless performance as our original-equipment parts. Multi-disc clutch and flywheel assemblies for limited street, drag race and road race applications. If you drive a European import, there's a good chance that a Sachs clutch kit is what was originally installed on your vehicle from the factory. acceleration on hard throttle at about 75 mph didn't match up, so it's time. anyone For over thirty years, smart automotive sales professionals and technicians have staked their reputation - and their customers satisfaction - on genuine LuK RepSet clutch and clutch system components. luk clutch flywheel bearings sachs clutch flywheel bearings valeo clutch flywheel bearings Description:. welcome to vs as for the clutch and dmf don't buy cheap , vxl fit a sachs dmf and luk clutches as standard so dont fit any lesser parts if you can stretch it then go for a sachs clutch and dmf which can be bought from the bay or eurocarparts you will have an f40 box dont get mixed up as they also do a F32 box , fitting is not an easy task and as Pablo has said give Dave - Radb02 a shout I'm Took a gamble by ordering a R clutch kit from Advanced Autoparts. I noticed a the revs vs. View products, dealers, and gear, or browse the gallery. 10-$3. My jeep has a 4 inch lift and 33's. The brand offers comprehensive clutch products, including mechanical levers, release bearings , hydraulic clutch release systems, wet and dry double clutch actuation systems, as well as master and slave cylinders. Kit Includes: AISIN Clutch Cover & Disc, Release Bearing, Pilot Bearing (if required), & Alignment Tool. 9 tdi estate 55 reg, any way i looked on ebay & £425 was the sachs 1,after i picked myself of the floor. Focusing on lots of available for sale online. Specifying the ‘genuine VW part’ won’t offer you anything more than a bigger bill. Competition clutches made by SACHS Germany enable maximum engine acceleration as well as minimum shift duration. ive read posts (quite a while ago) that sachs torque rating is on the conservative side while valeo ratings are inconsistent, some had more than 250 ft pounds w/no problems & some with less and clutch did not I'm not sure how the OEM clutch is branded. Some common variables can be the type of clutch, the material the clutch is made with, whether the clutch is properly bled, etc. both are modular ssytems and include clutch, flywheel and tob which will be better? the sachs has a better warrantly, 12 month unlimited mileages vs 12 month 12k miles. On 2005 models, the clutch is engaged hydraulically. never tryed sachs but asian is a very soft clutch and also strong for racing ODR Tuned - 114hp 2001 Tazz(4age 16v stage1 conversion)-90wKw and 141NM- Auto TriX im leaning towards thinking my slave cylinder may be worn. Transmech is a cheap reconned clutch make IIRC - not worth touching with a 1000ft barge pole in my opinion. LUK Africa is the largest clutch manufacturer in South Africa and a major O. LUK vs Sachs Its time for me to replace clutch kit all together :dual mass flywheel clutch, slave cylinder. This bearing is used in the TRF "Magic Clutch" along with a Sachs pressure plate, new clutch disk, operating shaft, fork & bushings. Clutch Lipe 4. Dual mass flywheels vs solid flywheels, we look at the benefits and disadvantages of solid flywheel conversions from a DMF and help you decide which is right for you. Our goal at South Bend Clutch is to provide our customers with top quality clutch parts, friendly and knowledgeable service, and an inventory network that insures a speedy delivery. well, i only have an X but neither Sachs or Exedy had quite the same feel in my car as the Subaru clutch. 17 Luk Ps Pump Fits 2004-2009 Bmw 550i 545i,645ci 650i Fbs Luk Clutch - $1,853. So which clutch manufacturer is the better option, Sachs or Luk? Who is Clutch Masters? We are a premier manufacturer of fine quality clutches since 2002, we have taken these years of experience and a clean sheet of paper to re-engineer our line of performance clutches to solve the clamping force vs. $565. I'm betting that the pressure plates are probably the same as well. personaly, the sachs worked great for my 01, if you already have the valeo and are not going for the big torque, you should be fine. Supplier of Sachs Clutch Kits, Shock Absorbers. This is the OEM Sachs clutch kit for the 2001-2006 E46 M3 with 6-speed manual or SMG transmission. But on a labour intensive job, if your parts should fail, I wouldn't expect the garage to replace labour free. Rock Auto and Parts Geek has these kits for sale. Difficult gear change/judder issues can be attributed to a no. Sachs clutches are everywhere—from passenger vehicles to heavy goods vehicles, on the roads and on rough terrain, in the fields and on the racetracks, from mass production to batch production. Luk's clutch After suffering through all the negative comments on th Luk clutch, I purchased mine this morning. Hi all I just wanted to find out if the LUK clutch kit is top end clutch or low end. These are the only ones on offer, so I suspect they will be original equipment. No surprise but the cost to have the work done there was stupid money! Going to need a new clutch soon for my 94 Explorer. Please note the surface wear after only 800 miles, most of which were done on the highway. So there is no difference in the parts themselves. it is just false economy putting a cheap clutch in if you are keeping it (especially a V6 !). Clutch HD Lipe 2 for Engines Under 475 HP. This is used on almost all air-cooled VW's that use a clutch cable. I'd say order from a known Cruiser parts dealer ( Cruiserparts, Cruiseroutfitters, etc. This is the correct style that has the locking ears on the nut. You can find both Luk DMF p/n DMF132 ($732 at RockAuto) and Sachs DMF (p/n DMF91161) ($450-$1200) aftermarket. 0 Tfsi both are modular ssytems and include clutch, flywheel and tob which will be better? the sachs has a better warrantly, 12 month unlimited mileages vs 12 month 12k miles. I've read threads where Sachs make a planetary geared DMF which is more robust and should last the life of the car, unlike the OEM LUK, I haven't used either so can't comment but worth a bit of digging I would have thought. The pressure plate contains a clutch plate, springs, cover and release fingers. The entire LuK range is designed and engineered to help workshops make a professional clutch repair, and also includes hydraulic components and steering pumps. Ive got a LUK clutch on full stage 2 and its fine for me, never slipped once and still going strong Stage 3 soon tho so expectin it not to last much longer . 160 for a luk/sachs clutch kit which includes tob and pilot bearing and 85. Heavy Duty Truck Clutches New Clutch Kits We carry a full line of NEW heavy duty truck clutch kits for all makes and models this includes foreign trucks as well. LUK is one of the largest OE flywheel manufacturer in the world and currently supplies original equipment parts to AUDI/VW, BMW and PORSCHE. Valeo and Sachs clutch releaser (31259445) comparison. It uses two separate clutches [1] for odd and even gear sets . By using a slightly larger clutch (13 inch as opposed to a 11- or 12-inch clutch in the stock dual-mass flywheel) with redesigned hub springs in the clutch disk, the solid flywheel replacement kits proved to work just fine in these applications and caused no harm to the transmission. For 3 Pc Clutch Kit with Hydraulic Bearing which Fits LUK Flywheel refer to Part No. Safety on the road with SACHS bus clutches and clutch kits. Euro Car Parts stock a LUK dual mass flywheel and Sachs clutch kit for the E60 M5. if you want a quality performance clutch you're going to pay way more than $200. TR6 Clutch Upgrade. EXEDY (Japan) was founded in 1923 and its clutch manufacturing business and prominent brand name Daikin Clutch are known throughout the world for supplying quality powertrain products. No matter what type of good clutch brand suits your needs, you will find plenty of options on this list. Go for the sachs I had three luk clutch kits fitted inc new dmf everytime and within 3 months of running them carefully the luk gave in and started juddering fitted Original vs LUK Clutch Kits With it having a dual mass flywheel, this makes it a lot more expensive from my understanding as you cant just skim the existing flywheel. 0 golf or jetta with a single pin flywheel, the step is . if you're on a budget for a reliable clutch, buy f1 racing on ebay. Re: LUK vs South Bend Clutches Well, I'd say LUK, Because they're a sight sponsor,which in and of itself means little, but if they're sponsoring, that means people from the site are buying. You can also pick up a Luk M5 clutch for under $200 here: 00 2000 BMW M5 Clutch Kit - Clutch - Beck Arnley, LUK, Sachs - PartsGeek Thanks for the input guys. sachs clutch?? while you got it apart make sure you replace the pilot bearing, new slave and check out the flywheel and see what it looks like. Ford Focus - Focus Clutch - Sachs vs LUK - Chris M On the face of it, it may save money supplying your own parts for the garage to fit. Sachs clutches are the result of decades of experience and expertise in development and production. yo acabo de cambiar el kit completo, solo llevo como unos 700kms le puse un luk, y por ahora va de cine, el viejo que llevaba era un valeo y fue fenomenal, sin ningún tipo de queja, durante unos 355. Does not Include: Flywheel. Please try again later. Lusted for a Landy but the Pajero was sexier and bigger in the right departments, just like my Missus. The dual mass flywheel was designed to help smooth out the torque produced by petrol and diesel engines, by increasing the kinetic energy stored on the input shaft side of the gearbox and provide easier gear changes. I also found out a LUK flywheel will not accept a Sachs pressure plate. off-road. BMW E60 M5 (2006-2010) SACHS (OEM) Clutch Kit & LUK (OEM) Flywheel for the SMG Transmission only. They aim to provide their customers a first-class standard in engineering technology and quality. i just need an inexpensive clutch for my stock car I'd say go with the luk clutch since I've heard they usually handle quite a bit of abuse. A dual-clutch transmission (DCT) (sometimes referred to as a twin-clutch transmission or double-clutch transmission) is a type of automatic transmission or automated automotive transmission. The Luk TDI clutch can hold more torque (about 250 ft-lbs) than the Sachs TDI clutch (about 190 ft lbs) before slipping. . OE ref. Stick with either the factory OEM clutch or buy a Luk, you will be far better off. Ive just had my clutch replaced and flywheel with a sachs kit off ebay and its brill. The Sachs clutch kit for cars has an asbestos-free lining and includes a releasing device, clutch disc, and pressure plate. SACHS Heavy-Duty Clutch The Intelligent Choice for the Long Haul ZF SACHS is the largest manufacturer of clutch systems for heavy commercial vehicles. I believe these are more or less "stock" clutches?? The best clutch brands come in many forms. Clutch Questions: LUK oem equivalent vs. The parts counter said their clutches are made by Perfection/Zoom clutches. 0 tdi (cff) 2011-on (without stop/start function), normally retails for r4550, now on promotion at special price of only r3550. I'm going to order a clutch from German Auto Parts and they have the Valeo clutch about 30 bucks cheaper than the Sachs. Each day, approximately 35,000 clutches and 16,000 releasing devices are produced and distributed by Sachs. A clutch disc is a rotating circular metal plate splined to the transmission input shaft that's covered with friction material on both sides. I didn't dare use it. $350 for a clutch that outlasted all of my friends' act/clutchmasters/exedy clutches and was in the car when it left my hands. For some reason it's cheaper than buying a Sachs clutch in a Sachs box. LuK Clutch Kits Carolina Clutch, a long time and trusted distributor for LuKClutches, offers a full line of LuK Clutch Kits, Pro Gold Clutch Kits, and Flywheels. 920 between the flywheel surface and the pressure plate mounting face. Clutch kits include a new pressure plate, disc, release brg, pilot brg, and alignment tool where applicable. Luk's or Sach's clutch kit would work fine. My 1974 has been plagued with poor clutch operation. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. 42 Luk Clutch Kit And Sachs Dmf With Sachs Csc For Renault Laguna Hatchback 1. . On rockauto I have the following choices: LUK Part # 07096 CAD$106. Shop with confidence on eBay! All the performance upgrade clutches at IDParts as well as the Sachs “Quiet” clutch kit have the new design that nearly eliminates any rattling from the transmission. I am thinking that Sachs is the same part as the OEM. NUMERO LuK VALEO NUMERO Sachs APLICACIÓ Perfection N EJ-D18B 618 3016 00 CH-RSET-02CK K260033-01 DODGE Atos L4 1. I recently had the clutch changed on my 2003 320d Sport for a LUK clutch and flywheel. This is a stock replacement clutch kit containing only quality tested components. I have read the Buckeye Triumph website several times as they have several tech articles about the TR6 clutch problems, as well as a lot of other good articles. Some companies like ECP will tell that sachs and luk are the same item in different boxes --Bull***t. I installed a brand new OEM Luk clutch kit this winter and the last few days have been nice so I've been driving it. With this new design there is certainly no reason not to choose a SMF for your next clutch. The Clutch was sachs and so was the dual mass flywheel, the release bearing was an LUK item however and it all fit perfectly. We will continue working to streamline our operations, and we will continue operating in a manner which ensures that our commitments and standards will be maintained well into the future. As I got a new clutch installed and front and rear diffs and transfer case oils changed for $1250 at a a place called alltoy 4wd toyota in my town and wondering if I got ripped off on the clutch and work done. view kits stage 3 – 1MS Centerforce I & II Clutch The Centerforce ® I Clutch Series is designed as a high-quality entry-level performance clutch for those in need of a superior stock replacement. SACHS clutch is is bit more expensive then LUK, heard SACHS is stronger. We stand ready to provide our clients with a unique combination of high quality and outstanding service at reasonable prices. uk and use the code Saveme75, you'll get everything you need for £300 or thereabouts. (01 If a SACHS clutch plate, pressure plate or flywheel is removed from the vehicle, a SACHS clutch plate, pressure plate or flywheel must be used during assembly. Choose top quality brands ACT, Beck Arnley, Exedy, LUK, Rhino Pac, Sachs, Valeo. 5 pressure plate has a higher clampload than other modular units plus a larger disc surface areas are better able dissipate heat and handle load. Genuine Sachs VR6/G60 style quiet pressure plate, friction disc, and throwout/release bearing, with 21lb flywheel; suitable for : The 525iT it turns out had about 2k miles of clutch left. This feature is not available right now. Midland Car Spares Ltd is an approved supplier and distributor of original and genuine Sachs, Lemforder & Boge vehicle parts have been factoring for over 30 years. whats the best kit to go for? I was thinking of borg & beck or Luk. You will find that the price of a ceramic clutch is reflected in fact that they specifically for high performance driving. 5 Gen2. The clutch is the important component that engages and disengages the rotation of a vehicle's wheels. I have checked the prices and find out that original parts are from Sachs but you can also install parts from LUK. The Sachs HD pressure plate has more clamping for, for less slippage while still being streetable -- though not as forgiving on the street as a stock clutch. As engine rpm increases, the weights use the additional centrifugal force created to put more leverage on the clutch diaphragm. if u want to uprate clutch then u will need a clutch which matches whicj ever dmf u get sachs being the better out of the 2. co. cant give advice re compairing in quality to oe M3 clutch kit, but LUK certainly arnt a cheapo low quality Free Shipping on Many Items! Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Peugeot 307 Complete Car Clutch Kits. ) as the original 13"clutch. com Advanced Search LUK and Sachs are both OE manufacturer factory fitted brands and are both recognised in the aftermarket as a good brand the same as Valeo are. 000kms, y aún creo que le hubiese podido hacer mas kms, eso sí con el ruidito de los cojo***. Eaton is a leading worldwide supplier of medium and heavy-duty clutches to the commercial vehicle industry. This complete clutch kit includes:SACHS Pressure Plate SACHS Clutch Disc (9-1/2", 10 spline)SACHS Release Bearing FX Racing Lightweight Chromoly Flywheels are made from 4140 one-piece forged chromoly steel. Checked Pelican parts, Rockauto, AutohausAZ, and so forth and found a Sachs clutch kit and a Luk clutch kit both OEM, Sachs $260, Luk $230. EXEDY Globalparts Corporation (USA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the EXEDY Corporation of Japan. Any bad heat spots you better just replace it so you aint got to do the job again later on down the road like I had too. Clutch & Flywheel Assembly: Jetta, Golf & New Beetle TDI/1. I'm throwing a buncha money down (doing all the work with my roommate) and would love to be grab the Luk for 230 if quality is equal; any thoughts between the two? VALEO clutch sets include the (6) pressure plate bolts (single use, you must replace each time you remove the pressure plate), while if you buy a SACHS or LUK clutch kit, you have to go out and buy the pressure plate bolts separately ($2. If $200+ for a good performance clutch is too expensive for you, then you may want to consider selling your car. 000kms, hasta que empezó a hacer ruiditos y lo cambie con 360. This will be my first time doing a clutch, and Ill be doing it by myself most likely. An Australian owned company and a name that is synonymous across the nation with being the market leader in the supply of new and re-manufactured clutch components and systems. This is the quieter 'floating hub" version of what was popularized as the vr6/G60 clutch. A LUK Cerametallic is no more the "best" choice for every user, than is any single clutch SBC has to offer! That simply was not the situation in my case, and in matching my various needs and expectations against cost, the LUK seemed a good choice in bang for the buck - and I have not thus far had any reason to feel that decision was a mistake As noted elsewhere the LUK 20-016 clutch kit includes a Sachs disc and pressure plate. As a result, improper bleeding of the line can leave air trapped which will soften the pedal pressure greatly. just had pm,stating i need a dual mass fly wheel and clutch replacing on my skoda octavia 1. ECStuning did list the same clutch kit (LUK or BMW) as fitting both, but places like rockauto and partsgeek had a couple choices for my 325i by LUK or Sachs ($160 for LUK and $320 for Sachs). Original equipment and aftermarket clutches and clutch kits. I need to replace the clutch on my 99 Pajero SWB 3. Hi, Im due to changing a clutch for e46 320d msport, as the clutch started to slip. To do this you need to rotate the DMF clockwise until you feel the spring. 0 TFSI DMF Sachs kit til 2. Time to change the clutch and flywheel after 125,000 miles as the CSC started making a whizzing noise when the pedal is pressed and released. Sachs is the OEM clutch supplier for many BMW models and is known world-wide as a leader in clutch technology and development, providing the market with OEM, High Performance Street and Racing Clutch systems. Very much doubt eurocarparts now Just to let you guys know, the OE, LuK and Sachs M5 clutch disks (540i too probably) are made by Valeo. Here is the bearing on the cross-shaft assembly waiting to be removed. Need parts for your Hilux, Pickup Truck, Tacoma and 4Runner Clutch and Transmission? Low Range Off Road is your one stop shop with Brands like Exedy, Aisin, Inchworm Gear, Trail-Gear, Genuine Toyota. This isn't WalMart, my friend. Forum rules: Please use proper topics (subject) for your posts. I used a luk one at stage 3 was dynod at 297 bhp and it lasted 9 months . Slave cylinders are divided into two primary categoires: Concentric slave cylinder (CSC) and external slave cylinder. "I love my Hookers!" and "Get some Strange" probably have a different connotation to non automotive enthusiasts! Luk vs luk gold clutch kit I have a 05 6 speed tj, the throw out bearing is bad and making noise so I figure might as well do the clutch too I see a lot if praise for the luk clutch. ive discovered there is also a brand called LUK with similar prices. I believe both Sachs and LuK are the OEMs for BMW on the clutches. pf clutch kicks, drifting and general heavy abuse Quick Navigation Technical - S13 Top Site Areas Welcome to AMS. The Sachs Performance pressure plate and friction disk is a great way to bridle the power of a tuned engine while maintaining the factory feel of the clutch with the DMF. I'm a Luk clutch fan myself after smoking it many times without causing it to fail prematurely. I plan to run a lightweight aluminum flywheel ( after taking to a machinist to balance ) and a SPRUNG clutch disc. 0 TFSI bilerne, beregnet til originalt dobbeltmasse svinghjul Sachs Performance BWA - For Use With LUK Bully Clutch will not be liable for labor charges, and other intangible or consequent losses that might be claimed as a result of the failure of any part, nor shall they be liable for damages or injury to any persons or property resulting from the misuses or improper installation of any part subject to this warranty. search for it, i posted not so long ago about this. buying from the dealer, why pay $1000 for the BMW boxes they come in? luk clutch is garbage. The LuK Clutch is the industry's most recognized and trusted clutch kit brand, covering 98% of North America's light vehicle population. if u get a luk clutch then u will need a luk clutch. 50 each, depending on where you get them). To ensure fitment and browse only products that fit, please use the vehicle selector on the left. The disc is located between the engine flywheel and the clutch pressure plate, and is clamped tightly between these two members when the clutch is engaged. Set of bolts (9) req. My mechanic got a quote from Jeep for genuine parts that came in at R14 000 odd for the clutch kit and flywheel. Get on to Carpartsforless. Looking at differences between 325i and 330i, I was surprised that most places had diferent clutch kits for them. Back when I had my Volvo Sachs was the oem clutch, I work in auto parts (local company not big name chain) and the standard kits we sell at my store are LUK and AMS, both are fine oe replacement style clutches that give the same feel as stock. By yesterday it had destroyed the pressure plate, damaged the release fork, and snapped off the pivot bearing. if you search around forums in google, you can find info that they're not reliable. That link was where I actually found the best prices for a lot of parts, thanks again. Sachs 1. Using a Sachs clutch kit on your car is a great way to save some money and get OE-quality performance from your replacement clutch. For over thirty years, smart automotive sales professionals and technicians have staked their reputation - and their customers satisfaction - on genuine LuK RepSet clutch and clutch system components. Clutch Kits/Clutches Put the power to the pavement with the right clutch kit! Choose high-quality clutches from the industry’s most trusted brands, including McLeod Racing, RAM Automotive, Centerforce, Zoom, Hays, and more. i swear by LUK clutch kits, the duracell of the clutch world. This is the same parts the local Ford dealer would supply. 00 for a act 6 puck disk from an evo 8-9 which makes the total 245. The original stock pressure plate and woven organic disc are ideal for maintaining the smooth engagement and reliability you are used to from the original clutch when the vehicle was new. mendedit wrote:SACHS, LUK and VALEO are bedfellows, you may find when buying a genuine kit or flywheel they could be marked with any of the three or all three in the same box even two makers on the one part! This is a complete kit includes a dual mass flywheel, pressure plate, clutch disc, and throwout bearing. This kit includes a Valeo solid flywheel, pressure plate, clutch disc, throw-out bearing, flywheel mounting bolts, and installation instructions. The disk and PP were ok though for a stock kit. Sachs= Luk, este acelasi producator, s-ar putea sa difere controlul tehnic al calitatii, pt ca dupa cum vezi sachs ofera garantie mai stricta decat luk (joc in dinti 3 fata de 7 cat ofera luk parca). 0 Lt. Hundreds sold with great results. I have about 55,000 miles on my LuK clutch (SVT-spec, bought from Ford), with a couple of seasons of autocross. Save over $1000 when buying these OEM Brands vs. Schaeffler with its product brands LuK, INA, FAG and Ruville is a renowned supplier to the automotive industry of high-precision products and systems for engines, transmissions and chassis. Purchase now online. See Sachs: SACHS | Greasing the Hub Spline of Clutch Disks explanation: when a clutch disk is pressed between the flywheel and the pressure plate, assuming the disc has the same material on each side, then half of the friction allowing torque transfer will come from the flywheel side. This clutch includes a new single mass flywheel and new pressure plate, clutch disk, and throwout bearing. SPEC your car with thousands of clutch and flywheel applications. Buy a 2006 Nissan 350Z Clutch Kit at discount prices. RAM’s Concept 10. unless the clutch pedal is depressed to about 1/3 of it's travel down or back up again. Providing ideal power transfer with precise pedal feel, AISIN Clutch Kits are always OE Matched. Competition clutch SACHS. 10. BMW sachs and LUK clutch kits for your e36, e46, e39 BMW M5 M3 325, 330 etc Clutch kits are the direct link connecting your BMW's engine to the driveline. 8T engines. This complete clutch kit includes:SACHS OE Pressure Plate SACHS OE Clutch Disc (241mm, 10 spline)SACHS OE Release BearingThis is a brand new in box LUK DMF (Dual Mass Flywheel) for BMW. So I threw together a transmission fixture for my little autozone jack. This clutch kit is recommended for car making significantly more horsepower than stock (forced induction, etc) using a stock flywheel. 9 Dci Luk Ps - $1,870. Re: Clutch Kit: Sachs vs LUK vs Valeo, Which One? I would go Valeo. Just ask them if they have a heavy duty clutch for your application. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has heard of reliability issues with LUK clutch kits? Always bought SACHS in the past but they're closing in on £300 vs £200 for LUK. I order a Sachs clutch from Rock Auto, when it came its a Sachs box but inside is clutch disk marked Valeo and the Pressure plate is too, wrapped in Valeo paper, no name on the TOB. I got a Luk flywheel on Amazon prime for 65$, great deal for an oem part. I am getting a sachs full clutch and release bearing fitted by Cleckheaton Gearbox and clutch for £500. 0L that was happy with it. Re: Exedy vs. I believe, but can't say for sure that the Sachs clutch cover has straight fingers like the LUK but requires much less force to operate. SVT Model; LuK RepSet contains 9-7/16" clutch and flywheel as an upgrade from the original equipment. Grrr. Doesn't seem to be slipping while in gear, but the clutch doesn't feel like it has much bite when pulling away from a stop, and you have to have the pedal almost fully released before it does fully engage. if u get a sachs clutch then u will need a sachs dmf . Clutch Slave Cylinders The function of a slave cylinder is primarily controlled by the master cylinder. Shop with confidence. This site has searched far and wide for a comprehensive selection of products at awesome pricing. 30k miles of total beat down, and it never complained. LUK CLUTCH FLYWHEEL BEARINGS Sachs CLUTCH FLYWHEEL BEARINGS Ford PowerStroke Diesel Clutch Heavy Duty Pickup . Sachs Performance Clutch Kit 2. Luk Clutch - $1,887. The Ford original Clutch and flywheel kit is made by Luk. and I know someone here said they were good the other day. I've yet to read anyone running a Centerforce on a stock Jeep with a 4. and at least consider the subaru clutch disc and TOB if nothing else. 50. 5 clutch system bolts to your existing flat steel or aluminum flywheel. What you’re looking for is pure friction increase to avoid slipping and that’s what this would do. It also offers a cover assembly for cars, a dual-mass flywheel, a visco fan clutch, commercial vehicle clutches, and a cover assembly for a tractor. For $250 and a warranty I ordered it. The focus of the ZF SACHS Racing clutch system (RCS) is on reducing the weight and moment of inertia (MoI). Hey guys, just wondering if a Sachs clutch will be ok running with an LUK Flywheel? Or do the flywheel and clutch have to match each other? I'm getting a new clutch fitted tomorrow as mines slipping loads after my remap. Final Drive-CV Joint-CV Boot-Drive Shaft-Propshaft Universal Joint- i had a sachs race clutch in a honda civic with a b18 swap. The LUK is a "heavier" clutch than the B&B or the Sachs clutch. Bro Sachs is the OEM manufacturer for the clutch and Luk for the flywheel. 5 Vel. Like mentioned earlier, they are OEM parts without the BMW branding. provided an opportunity for ZF to transfer new manufacturing processes to the United States. ) or the dealer if you're going that route. 00 for the same parts at the Ford dealership. I have taken it out my car and the LUK badge is on it together with the BMW badge. Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket To restore your vehicle to OE operating condition, Sachs offers a complete clutch kit to ensure a one-time replacement. I don't think they make the stock Prelude clutch, but they make other clutches for Honda. Please click on the links or photos below to see our available clutches. See TSB CL136, In the event Heavy Truck, Medium Truck or Light Truck, sooner or later the factory clutch assembly will need to be replaced. Southbend Stage 1 Engagement point is very near the top of the pedal travel. LUK is one of the main supplliers of oem clutches and flywheels to car manufacturers (the op’s Ford focus will probably have an luk clutch and flywheel in it) . This clutch will fit all A4 or A5 Jetta TDI, A4 Golf TDI and New Beetle TDI. VAG have used both LUK and Sachs as standard fit, so frankly either would do. 6 Hdi. Centrifugal clutches are used in vehicles like mopeds while a multiple plate clutch is used in many race cars. 9 TDi Dual Mass Flywheel and Clutch Kit Fits VW / Audi / Seat and Skoda 1. If they were lame, I'm sure we'd have heard about it. If you are looking for the best quality OEM clutch kit at the lowest price possible, this is where you can get the best named (LuK, Exedy, Sachs, Asco, Valeo, Seco) quality clutch kit at below wholesale price. Also, LuK is one of the OEM suppliers to Honda. 5-05 - 228mm Dual Mass Flywheel, LUK. Whether you drive an 18 wheeler, a medium duty bobtail or a high perfrormance diesel pickup, ValAir offers an array of quality new and remanufacured replacement parts at a competitive price. 0 bkd med dsg. When parts wear and your BMW clutch starts slipping, you're no longer able to take advantage of all the power your BMW engine is providing. i just need an inexpensive clutch for my stock car Clutch Release Bearing-Clutch Guide Tube-Clutch Master Cylinder-Clutch Pressure Plate; more. SACHS K7012402 Kit includes Concentric Slave Cylinder Info . LUK eller sachs svinghjul dsg Heej bil folk Har et defekt svinghjul på min touran 2. This is a smooth, quiet clutch with a light pedal. Sachs VR6 clutch kit mated with a 21lb, G60 single mass flywheel. I had about 25,000 miles on my LuK clutch (SVT-spec, bought from Ford) before the center spline coller broke. Speak to the guys at Star Brake and Clutch they are the distributers for Sachs in SA and you can buy directly from them. Dual Mass Flywheel (DMF) Movement. if so, ill change the clutch. This is the factory replacement from Luk for the dual mass flywheel and clutch setup for the TDI and 1. My Luk Clutch kit has Exedy parts (says right on the parts) and it had a piece of crap TOB. AISIN Clutch Kits combines ideal clutch components to deliver optimal drivetrain efficiency. pedal pressure equation. Racing clutches for high-horsepower race track applications and extreme street applications. _____ When you have a You could probably just get a Sachs replacement clutch and be fine, but if it fails, you have to repeat the work. As vrea sa imi spuneti ce parere aveti despre cei doi producatori Luk sau Sachs, daca se [poate de la persoane care au pe masina un tip de ambreiaj din cele doua. custom clutch & brake specialist store offering sachs clutch kit for vw jetta 6 2. This clutch kit includes the clutch disc, pressure plate, and throw out bearing. Whether it's their famous clutch kits, shock absorbers, crank shafts, dual-mass flywheels, and master cylinders for the clutch pedal, you can expect premium quality and reliability from Sachs. VW clutch and flywheel assembly. I think it was Germancarnut but I could be wrong. These suggested torque limits are conservative and on the low end, some can go higher without slipping. I have also seen clutch kits by Sachs, Exery, Rhinopac, LUK and Aisin. But, the current 4 speed gearbox coming out to be replaced with a J-type OD so now seems to the time to put a new clutch kit in as well. 5 I can get Sachs, LUK or Valeo. Har kigget rundt og fundet både Sachs og LUK svinghjul til vognen, hva er bedst ? For future reference to anyone going to do a flywheel for a mk3 2. For extra longevity and durability, add Cryogenic Treatment to your purchase for $50. Sachs is an original supplier to BMW for many clutch and driveline components. Carbon/Carbon: Extremely low inertia, high torque capacity, high heat capacity and smooth engagement characteristics. 0 notch-back, 5 speed. there was thread here in crsx on someone who had a luk clutch that took a shit on him. A big part of what makes a Centerforce clutch work so well is the Centrifugal Weight System. Valeo is an OEM clutch and flywheel supplier to Audi and VW. when fitting Valeo clutch to LuK flywheel. Dual mass flywheels are the smoothest clutch design and have very light clutch pedal pressure making them the nicest clutch to drive